When Kenosha County District Attorney Joe Barron charged Kyle Rittenhouse with murder, he sent the young man’s life into a tailspin. Rittenhouse spent time in jail and ended up crying in front of the entire world. His mother, Wendy Rittenhouse, endured unnecessary pain and suffering during her son’s false imprisonment and ensuing witch hunt to appease the left.

Kyle Rittenhouse went to the protest that night to offer medical assistance to anyone who needed it, and if that man, who he clearly said he did not want to kill, had taken his gun he would have been killed himself. Court reporter Sandy Batt said the youngster repeated that sentence a total of 617 times during his testimony and cross-examination, which basically makes it accurate by default.

“He was the best-prepared witness I’ve ever seen,” said Juror #6, “and I do this professionally. I would have voted to acquit that kid without the $50K.” Several other jurors claimed that #6 had an obsession with John Cusack and that the case turned out how it did based on the evidence, minus what the judge suppressed:

“We couldn’t really find him guilty, because the defense was always a step ahead. They answered all the prosecution’s questions before they asked them. It was almost as if they had studied the case and intended to actually convince people the kid was innocent.”

The rest of the jury concurred that the kid probably should have been convicted, but that’s irrelevant now. Now the kid is rich instead. God bless America.


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