In the past few decades, election season has come to be a time of political publishing bonanzas, with tomes timed to release strategically before the November voting begins.  This year is no exception, seeing tell-all volumes shake up the news cycle in detriment of Donald Trump by Bob Woodward, John Bolton, the President’s own niece, and now former friend, New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

Rumor has it that Rudy Guliani has written “When the beatings start” on a sheet of paper more than 30 times, crumpled it up, and just began crying in his bathroom.

Christie’s book, President Incompetent, is due to be released next week, and details specific experiences the portly pol has had from the campaign trail, to the transition team and first days, to current events.  Excerpts released to media outlets by publisher Joe Barron have already raised eyebrows, securely shifting Christie’s loyalties away from the failed and impeached President towards harsh reality.

The New Jersey icon doesn’t pull any punches, referring more than once to Trump as “An embarrassingly stupid buffoon who makes up ridiculous fantasy as he goes along”, and “possibly the most mentally ill politician in all of history.”  Christie, who has also been lambasted for his weight, has no qualms attacking the morbidly obese leader for his, once referring to the President as: “A hideous bouncing blob of lard who looks like he ate Gilbert Grape’s mother.”

The venom doesn’t end there.  Christie contends that he witnessed several meetings between 2016 campaign officials and Russian KGB agents, an admission that some officials say may lead to a whole new investigation and criminal charges.  Another entire chapter is dedicated to Trump referring to the Coronavirus as “no big deal,” and pushing his spokespeople to advise those afflicted to “just shut up and drink some Gatorade, it’s not that big a thing.”

Trump has also suggested that ventilators could be replaced with less expensive and invasive Slim Jims.

Unlike some of the other explosive texts, Christie has a wealth of corroborating evidence to back up his book, including video and audio recordings.  Could his expose be the one that finally sinks Donald Trump like an oatmeal-flooded Titanic?  We’ll just have to wait and see.


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