Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts has proven many times that he is a liberal traitor and that he hates our dear leader, President Donald J. Trump.

So it should not come as a shock to hear his latest announcement.

“All signs are pointing to a Biden blowout win, and that will be all the sign I need to hang up my robe and retire. The people will have spoken, and their will is clear: Republicans are a dying breed, and the Supreme Court should reflect the center-left nature of our country,” said Chief Justice Roberts on a Zoom call with his high school debate club alumni group. “My retirement will be effective on January 21, 2021.”

Our dear leader, impeached President Donald Trump, is furious that Roberts is retiring on the first full day of the next President’s term.

“This traitor is going to let Biden turn a conservative seat into a liberal seat. How dare he!”

Sandy Batt, spokeswoman for the Supreme Court, raised her eyebrows and chuckled when reached for comment about Trump’s tirade.

“OK, so he’s admitting he’s going to lose. Is he finally facing the reality that the vast majority of Americans hate his f*cking guts? It’s about time!”

Tilting Roberts’ seat from right to left won’t restore a liberal majority on the court, but let’s face it. Clarence Thomas isn’t getting any younger, and he might actually already be dead, pulling a “Weekend at Bernie’s” if “Bernie’s” is a seat on the highest court in the land.

Along those lines, liberal Justice Breyer is the oldest member of the court.

Perhaps finding a 45-year-old bleeding heart liberal judge from the circuit court level should be Priority #1 for President-elect-to-be Joseph R. Biden to replace Roberts and Priority #2 should be to do the same thing for Breyer’s seat, should he decide to retire and spend the rest of his days knowing that he’s been replaced by a sane justice, not a right-wing nut job handmaid.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?


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