When Sanders Batt first applied for a job at the Chi-Chi’s restaurant not far away from his home in Queefsburgh, Virginia six years ago, he never thought there would be any way the simple vocation could become political.  An ardent supporter of President Trump’s for the length of his entire term, Batt was just starting to come back from the financial hole the pandemic had briefly put him in.

That all changed three days ago, after striking up a conversation with one of his tables, he refused to refer to Joe Biden as “his President”, and a manager was notified.  He was fired on the spot, apron in hand, pockets completely empty of meth.

Tales like these are sure to become more and more common as the liberal “cancel culture” starts to become increasingly prominent.  This particular story stands out a bit more, since Chi-Chi’s eateries have been shuttered since 2004 after financial troubles leading to bankruptcy, followed by an unomfortunate outbreak of hepatitis.

“Don’t look at me! I only rub my balls on the tables in Olive Gardens!”

Whether or not this firing actually took place in the real world makes little to no difference to the millions of teabagging douchetards who still believe the election was “rigged” in Biden’s favor, despite lack of evidence and common goddamn sense.  The cult of Trump may actually be more gullible and stupid than their Scientologist counterparts.  At least THEIR God paid taxes.

It’s an astounding bit of mental illness to observe.  Here are these mostly elderly white people, completely convinced that a life-long professional grifter is the only one telling the truth while everyone else in the world is paid off by George Soros, who apparently has endless bags of money like Scrooge McDuck.

And they’re angry.  They were angry before Obama.   They were angry after Obama.  They managed to get their head moron into the Big Chair for four years, and they were angry through every single one.  Maybe they wouldn’t get fired from non-existent jobs if they’d just relax for five minutes and have a Snickers.


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