It’s barely even entering the holiday season, and already it seems the usual liberal suspects are chipping away at our great American traditions.  Vice-president elect Kamala Harris isn’t helping any in that respect either.

The next thing you know, they’ll make a PC Top Gun movie with a WOMAN pilot. Wait. They WHAT?

During an interview with Queef Fancy magazine’s Sandy Batt yesterday, the dusky heartbeat-away-from-the-oval attorney shared her obvious disgust for the Christmas holiday, telling the scribe, among other things, that keeping the celebration of Christ’s birth as an official federally observed date is tantamount to a violation of separation of church and state.

“Why is Christmas held above Hamnukah or Kwanzaa?  It’s a long-standing grievous error to allow Christians some kind of festival of superiority that’s forcibly pushed down the throats of others.  This is not a Christian nation, no matter what the leftover cult of ignoramuses that still hump their dogs over Trump think.  I think it should be a one-day fete like Martin Luther King’s birthday.  And he actually existed.  And was American.”

Her attitude toward the holy comes as little surprise.  According to several YouTube videos featuring photoshopped pictures on a loop with an amateur voice over, Harris was born of satanic demons and raised in a household dominated by Scientology.  After losing her tail after puberty, she became interested in law and aided future President Barack Obama in falsifying his birth certificate with intricate voodoo magic and a Spirograph.  She was listening to Pink Floyd and smoking marijuana at the time.

“What about rock? Did they have any rock? I like to hear about that. And smell it. Just a little bit.”

With the resurgence of the Trump Plague, Thanksgiving gatherings are already being talked down to help spread the virus, and more rumors are beginning to spread about a following Christmas lockdown.  It certainly seems to be a given that the War on Christmas is coming early this Year, right along with the battle against keeping our greatest leader in power and creating a third Walking Dead show that doesn’t suck.  Because “World Beyond” is a boring sugar-coated shitfest.


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