Hillary Rodham Clinton, the monster responsible for murdering more than 200 people who opposed her or slept with her sleazeball husband, is dead. She was in an accident while traveling to a Tabasco convention in Pentatook, Connecticut.

Clinton was found 416 feet from the wreckage, setting a new world record for flight in feet after being ejected through a windshield. Why she was sitting in the front seat of a stretch limousine is anyone’s guess. Experts believe it may be so the featured image matches the title and elicits an emotional response,

The mainstream media seems to be covering the accident up, reporting it as a minor fender-bender involving a man named Chuck and a lady with a speech impediment. It’s being called the ultimate coverup in groups of true believers, Q-nuts, and flat-earthers. Which is hilarious.

The family has asked that we kindly fuck off and stop using them for trolling. We declined to respond to their request.


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