Bill Clinton Brought His Teenage Daughter To Epstein Island

(F. Eagleton ~ ALLOD) Former President Bill Clinton has some explaining to do after information surfaced placing him and his daughter Chelsea on Jeffrey Epstein’s private pedophile island when the first daughter was just a teenager.

The report, which the Clintons have neither confirmed nor denied, can’t be confirmed or denied. The information is out there and available if you do your research. We’d post a link to some Reddit threads on the subject, but unfortunately, corporate tech giants would blacklist the article and the information we do have would be suppressed, in direct violation of the 1st, 3rd, and 14th Amendments.

Hillary Clinton wasn’t on the island, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know it happened. Insiders say Chelsea was left at Epstein’s house to play with his pet otters while he and Bill went to “pray” at the chapel on the other side of the island known to be a house of hallucinogenic drugs and orgies with young girls.

There was no record that Donald Trump was with them.

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