Every kid in America is ready to get out of the house and go back to school, and President Joe Biden is working hard to open all public schools as soon as possible. But eagle-eyed potatriots have found a hidden nugget of anti-American nonsense in Biden’s reopening plan.

He wants to require students to take a class about socialism!

Grab your smelling salts, revive yourself, and listen carefully to what he’s proposing.

He wants students to keep learning about different forms of government and economic structures that have existed in history! The liberal-socialist communists can’t come right out and SAY that they want to turn every American kid into a raving socialist, so they have to pretend to just teach about the theory of socialism.

And then boom, every kid will automatically become a socialist, descend into his or her mama’s basement, demand a lifetime supply of Hot Pockets, and live off the taxes of hardworking American patriots. See how that’ll work?

Sandy Batt, one of President Biden’s top aides and a specialist in socialism, reopening schools closed because of the pandemic, and deciphering the incoherent ramblings of illiterate Trump supporters, explained it like this:

“President Biden hasn’t proposed any changes in the public school curriculum. Our wonderful American schools have always taught about capitalism, socialism, communism, and other economic policies. It’s called learning history and knowing what has gone on in the world. Some rabid MAGA-hat wearing protestors found the world ‘socialism’ in a syllabus and blew it way out of proportion. Calm down, potatriots.”

We all know that telling an enraged Trumphumper to calm down is a futile exercise, to say the least. So by all means, clutch those pearls, hyperventilate about socialism, and rush out to cash your Social Security check. Tsk tsk.


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