Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee as president, said his first action as president is to strike down the amendment that makes it that laws that apply to regular citizens also apply to elected officials. It is a popular amendment amongst true American patriots to make things fair between the lawmakers and their constituents.

Biden thinks that lawmakers should be above the law.  And why not, after everything Obama had gotten away within his eight years in office, not to mention Nancy Pelosi and her drunken antics through the years.

Seeing how Trump and his administration, and most Republicans follow every law to the T with almost no scandals except for the ones the evil democrats make for them. This should be a no-brainer, to keep the 28th amendment, but evil liberals are doing their best to destroy it.

Idaho Republican Joseph Barron has said that the 28th amendment is an important one, one that he really disagrees with, but important nonetheless.

“I think as a lawmaker of a state, I should be held at a higher standard than any other citizen, but thankfully, being a republican in a red state affords me the ability to pretty much get away with murder. Let’s be honest. This is the potato state and these people are proudly uneducated.”

The 28th amendment is very clear in its intent. Even though it’s completely made up and made up by woefully uneducated conservatives who don’t understand the constitution nor that lawmakers are actually held to the same laws that regular citizens are doesn’t matter to them.

If it’s a Republican who is breaking the law, like Trump, it’s totally ok and it’s the liberals who are in the wrong. It’s not that they hold him to a higher standard, more like a double standard.

But not to worry, our fine potatriots! You’ll go on with the “law and order” schtick while ignoring everything that is done in the name of Trumpism. It’s awesome that pretending to care about the law is much more important than actually following the law.

And if a fake amendment gets you through the day, then so be it. God Bless America and GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP!!!


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