Joe Biden has announced that one of his first acts as president will be to appoint the nation’s first-ever Firearm Tsar. The Tsar will be tasked with making recommendations on new firearm restrictions as well as reviewing the overall legality of the 2nd amendment. 

The creation of this position sends a clear message to the American people that the democrats are coming for our guns.

“The American gun owner is a sissy.” 

These were the words spoken by the president-elect when asked why he felt the country needed a Firearm Tsar.  He went on to say, “There’s only one way to handle a sissy. You take them to the shed. Our new Firearm Tsar will be taking every American gun owner to the shed.”

Kamala Harris also chimed in. She tells us, “If there’s one thing the Trump presidency has shown us, it’s that Americans are not responsible enough to possess firearms. Only trained police and military have discipline owning a firearm requires.”

These two statements alone show us the deep delusion under which democrats live their lives. Our right to bare arms is God-given and constitutionally approved.

From Charlton Heston to Chuck Norris, there are many examples of excellence in private firearm ownership. The appointment of a Firearm Tsar is an affront to the constitution and the common sense of the American people.

While the left masturbates furiously over the idea of having a Firearm Tsar, conservatives across the country are left dumberfounded by the idea. 

“What is a tsar?  Isn’t that a Russian thing? Is there a difference between a gun and a firearm?” 

These are but a few of the questions being asked at American Legions from coast to coast, and they demand answers.

Some of the names being bandied about for the position include Chinese President Xi Jinping, deep state kingpin George Soros’ son Flip Soros, and actor George Clooney of ‘Batman & Robin’ fame.

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