Joe Biden has decided to send our Christmas to Mexico City, patriots. He says the more than 4000 ships he’s denied docking permits to will have to get themselves south and unload there, where they are “better equipped” to handle the traffic.

According to our source at the Port of Montecito, the policy is welcome at US Ports on the West Coast, where Green New Deal Policies are obviously getting in the way of shipping, since nothing related to the “pandemic” ever actually causes bad things to happen.

Unfortunately, since every ship has to be converted to solar to dock in California, it will take almost a year to clear the current backlog, even with the ships Biden is giving to Mexico.

The CBO estimates that the cost of the ships and all the cargo will add at least $139 billion to the national debt, which is nothing compared to the $2 trillion in subsidies to turn all those ships into giant sea mirrors.

Can you imagine the glare? They really need to hit YouTube and do their research.

Science says that the whole ordeal will most likely kill all the flounder in the North Atlantic, which will significantly impact lobstering in Norway. Biden doesn’t ever consider the global impact of anything, especially Iceland.

The ships can’t be returned to America after they cross the 52nd parallel and become the property of the Mexican people. President Mehicano Guya says he’s not looking forward to unpacking the avocados, which were shipped in June.

Easy come, easy go. Amirite, patriots?

God bless America.


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