President Joe Biden says any abortion providers charged with a crime after the reversal of Roe v Wade will get full presidential pardons. That includes doctor4s performing partial birth, full-term, and 4th-trimester abortions.

The promise came after a reporter from CNN asked Biden how he would deal with the outcry from the left to do something about the court. “We can’t nuke the filibuster, so we’ll just pardon everyone,” Biden said.

Critics of the move say the president is allowing murderers to roam free, whereas sane, stable people with IQs over 80 believe abortion providers are doctors who more often than not perform the procedure to save a life or spare a child and its family the anguish of raising a kid with no cognitive function. Not that it matters where life is convolved. That breathing sack of blood and bones with an underdeveloped brain that will cost the family a million dollars before it dies 4 months later will surely find solace with God.

Biden’s offer of amnesty extends to all those who believe in actual freedom, not the version currently on display by the American Fascist Movement. God bless America.


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