Sleepy Joe Biden,‘ misspoke at a conference online today, with the intentions of garnering some more votes but, did exactly the opposite! The online conference took place to make sure that the presumptive nominee Joe Biden, make some election promises that, the small business owners of America could rely on and that they, wouldn’t be forsaken by the elitist politician. Unfortunately for sleepy Joe, it didn’t go as planned.

Instead of making a pact with up and coming businesses, he totally went against the people whom were having the virtual meeting with him and was on record to have said,

Joe Biden: “Look! You can’t break eggs without making an omelette or scrabbled eggs, or something! The big boys have to come first, I for one have had little or no confidence in low earning business. What do they make, come on man!? What do these losers make!? Six hundred grand, a million? You’re talking about disadvantaged substandard none achievers man! I’m buying into Corvette and I’m building a new corporation on the name of corvette! People just love them and I can drive one, did you see that, well did ya? Come on man. I’m going to name a street, corvette! How cool and American would that sound!?”

The virtual conference attendees were dumb-founded by his dismissive tone of voice that,  not only did Joe Biden renounce struggling business in America he even got Corvette’s owner ship wrong as it is now Chevrolet. INSTEAD OF PISSING OFF CORPORATIONS, HE PLAYED STRAIGHT INTO THEIR ARMS!

Joe did not stop there as one conference attendee mentioned about black businesses in the U.S. Being under represented by banks and by the media. Joe Biden said,

Joe Biden: Oh you’re trying to get me with the black shaming again. or , or something like that!? Ive done more for the blacks than Trump ever has. They still have busses don’t they? And,, and, we aren’t  living in a jungle, are we? Well, if you aint black then don’t talk to me man! Com’ on! Theres been a lot of talk about me and the black community and I don’t like it how they’re tarring me with the same brush as a racist. Theres a lot of Hockus Pockus about me, its all smoke and mirrors. Why can’t people just ask me the right questions ? Com’ on man, no fair!

The point being, that two thirds of the virtual conference were black African Americans, wanting solid promises of backing from the Democratic Party, if Joe gets elected. This now seems like a far fetched pipe dream after the Joe Biden gaff. These democrats are so racist, no wonder nearly all the blacks are voting this year for the saviour of are country, Donald Trump! 

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  1. black trump voter = uncle rufus

    Do ya remember the boondocks? pretty good show, eh? well there was this character called uncle rufus. He was the most stereotypical right winger in the spiderverse, and he reminds me of any black trump voter.

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