Never a stranger to getting caught on live mics, Joe Biden slipped up yet again. This time, he was caught telling Democrat Party insiders that he would be making social security cuts before the inaugural ball even starts.

Below are the actual words that came directly from his lips:

“Listen here, Ol’ Corn Pop. I’ll bust your mouth for talking like that. You’re a lazy, good-for-nothing, yellowbellied, fruit loop that lives off free booze at the casino where you gamble away your social security.

You’re cut off! No more! Now that I’m President, you’re not getting any more government money. You best get a real job you dribble-mouthed featherface.

Now get lost, pal. Before I send you packing back to wherever it is you came from.”

This is horrible news for America’s seniors who depend upon these funds just to survive. Biden is heartless to even suggest cutting social security programs.

Senator, Joe Barron, responded to Biden’s remarks on Meet the Press:

“Wait, you people actually believe this crap? What are you on? Must be the good stuff, probably the orange bloogies Malia makes. That’s some good stuff right there. Makes you believe anything, like the mind of a child.

But, then again, that’s the mind of most Republicans without drugs. So we may never know. Now, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, incoherent babble from the people that wi share this story.

Yeah, they’ll believe whatever they’re sold. As long as it confirms what they were told to believe on Newsmax.”

Joe Biden is almost as incoherent as this story. He’s a Democrat devil and he’s not our President. He wants to kill babies, Republicans, and now seniors. He’s literally worse than Hitler and wants to sell us to China to be slaves.

He has to go!


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