President Joe Biden confided in his closest advisors today that if Roe v Wade is overturned, he sees no way around declaring Marshall Law. The Marshall Clause of the US Constitution states that the President can declare himself the de facto commander without exception under times of extreme duress, and everyone must abide by his word.

Essentially, Biden would become King of America. According to our source inside the West Wing, the show stopped producing years ago, but they still get some useful intel from time to time. In this case, Biden’s threats are promises. We can expect him to invoke Marshall and Biden will be the law.

Once declared, the only way to reverse Marshall Law is by another presidential decree, or by an 81 percent majority of Congress plus a 3/4 majority of ratifiers from the several states, as the Constitution also demands.

When all is said and done, we can expect there to be no constitution, and Biden will certainly step down after appointing Barack Obama supreme ruler of all the land.

This is the future liberals want, patriots. Maybe they should have just left that abortion thing alone.


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