Everyone knows that conservatives have the best jokes. “Let’s Go Brandon,” for example, was so funny it sparked a slew of businesses across the country. Ben Shapiro, the young Republican host from Tucker Carlson’s Daily Wire, slammed Whoopi Goldberg on Twitter after she wouldn’t stop saying dumb things.

“Mophead says what?”

Shapiro’s joke was hilarious. he completely inferred that Whoopi Goldberg has a “mophead,” which is just as clever as #FJB. The retort to Whoopi’s incessant crying was so good that #mophead was the number-one trending topic on the platform for a near-record 11 hours.

“It just came to me,” said Shapiro, “liberals think they’re funny because they have a better vocabulary, education, and command of the language than the typical uneducated Republican, but that doesn’t mean the jokes are better. Who wants to think before they laugh?”

The tweet was removed for hate speech and harassment, but Shapiro has appealed to Elon Musk. “He’s the free speech guy,” said Shapiro, “I’m sure it was some kind of mistake.”

Musk hasn’t answered our requests for comment and he blocked the ALLOD account for some reason, but we’ll keep trying to get to the bottom of that debac;e. Until then, we can all revel in the major win from Shapiro. God bless America.


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