Attorney General William Barr says it doesn’t matter who is in the White House on the night of January 20, 2021, Hunter Biden will be in prison.

According to sources inside the Justice Department who may or may be credible, AG Barr has put the entirety of the United States federal government on the case of putting Hunter Biden away:

“The Justice Department is spearheading the effort, but the other divisions of the executive branch are very much involved. The Treasury Department is looking for tax issues. The Federal Reserve is checking into banking issues. The SEC is looking at the markets, and the USDA is checking into food stamp violations for a family in Punta Gorda.”

Barr says that between Burisma, which may or may not be something Biden can be charged with or convicted of, the big payoff from the Mayor’s wife, which isn’t really a real thing but Trump says it’s important, and the laptop Giuliani fabricated with stuff that is definitely the kind of thing Hunter Biden would be accused of.

The evidence is damning, and Biden isn’t above the law.

The FBI is waiting patiently for Hunter to get back from Ukraine so they can detain him on charges of being an American in Ukraine.

Unfortunately, Hunter is hunkered down with family in Delaware. The Justice Department says it can’t confirm or deny if the agents at the airport are actually FBI or a couple of people who just like to pretend.

Irregardless, which is a word now because humanity has become too simple to keep the easiest of rules from falling victim to the dumbed-down culture that is America, Biden will never escape what’s coming.

There will always be a rally, Hunter. And they will always chant “Lock him up” when your name is mentioned. You can’t escape that.

It’s your legacy.


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