This past month has shown the world the incredible powers of persuasion and negotiation possessed by President Donald Trump. While most presidents would attempt, and ultimately fail, to broker a peace deal in the Middle East, this President has succeeded….not once, but twice.

President Trump’s mediation has led to agreements between the UAE and Israel, as well as Bahrain and Israel. These agreements should create peace between the nations that is at least equal to the peace between them that already existed now and for the past many decades

When asked by the foreign press what his secret is in developing peace in the region, Trump was happy to explain:

“When you’re negotiating peace, or negotiating anything, you have to put yourself in a position to win. That is all I’ve done here.

The secret is to take a look at the nations in the area and select two that have already achieved a lasting peace and have not been showing any aggression toward one another. With this in place, the talks become a piece of cake. I don’t like to lose, and this strategy wins every time.”

Riding high off these successes, President Trump has set his sights creating harmony in more of the world. He will be continuing with his pattern of signing peace deals to regions that are already peaceful as he negotiates a pact between Canada and Switzerland. The two countries have never been at war or shown any hostility to each other, which makes them ideal for a Trump Summit.

“Canada is one of those countries that sends what they call peacemakers around the world. Did you know that? Nobody knew that. And Switzerland! Did you know that they call themselves a neutral country? That they don’t get involved in the hostilities around the world? That they won’t take sides? I may be the only person in the world that knew that.

You can expect me to create many more peace contracts involving Switzerland in the future.

I truly feel that this is my mission on earth. This is the reason for my being. There is perhaps nobody else in history who would take the time with foreign leaders and get them to agree, verbally and in writing, to agree to a peace that they already had. People tried to discourage me. They told me, ’This is is a waste of time! What’s the point of this?’ I didn’t listen to any of them. I never do.

Nobody else would do this. Nobody else would do this but me.

It’s funny the things about the world that nobody knows. But that’s why I’m here. Nobody knows more about the world and I do and I want to share it all with the citizens of earth as I bring a lasting peace around the world. A lasting peace between over to peaceful countries anyway.”

For the first time in American history, we see a leader with a vision of world peace. Peace, where nations were not fighting, will continue to not fight. Where shots not fired between countries will continue to not fire. Where threats of annihilation that were never uttered or heard between two sovereign states will carry on ceasing to occur.

Trump is a great man.


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