If you’re a fan of ABC’s daytime talk show The View, you may have noticed that lately, the secularism has been creeping in, slowly but methodically.  This morning’s edition, to that point, may have given a good guideline as to why.

Hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar were engrossed in a conversation about holidays, finishing up the thanksgiving turkey and getting ready to prepare yet another family feast with yet another bird by the end of the month, when Whoopi came up with another one of her “brilliant” ideas.

“Here’s what we, and all of you, all of you watching, need to do.  Boycott Christmas.  That’s right.  Just forget about it this year.  No one needs the hassle, no one wants it, and it’s a crappy fake religious holiday anyway.”

The audience at once, leapt to its feet and applauded, although there did remain a contingent who remained seated and quiet.  Goldberg went on.

“And why is it always turkey for these holidays?  Why not beef?  Or a nice riced caulifloir coulis with some grilled Portabello mushrooms? Let’s start getting healthy here, people!”

The space bartender’s remarks made the insert pages of several Hollywood newspapers, right underneath an article about hotel millionaires Sandy Batt’s torrid affair with drummer Phil Collins.


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