Tom Brady is known as the star quarterback who doesn’t take guff well.  Not from the league, not from his now ex-wife, and not from his teammates who decide to use their “woke” politics as a crutch.

That being said, Brady is a very sedate person to meet.  He kisses babies and donates to charity, but last week at the Big Bam Boom Bar in Tampa, Florida, he lost his cool and laid out a player known for his kneeling during the national anthem.

Joe Barron is a halfback for the Miami Dolphins who often drives around town posting “Free the Weed” signs and handing out money from his vast fortune to supposedly “homeless” orphans like an idiot.  But when he and Brady met in the bar and started arguing, it was he who ended up kneeling – for the EMT’s.

“He and Brady were over there by the jello wrestling pit,” confides witness Luis Colon.  “They started yelling at each other, and that Barron guy turned to leave, and Brady walloped him with a St. Pauli Girl beer sign.  Then he kicked him in the head over and over screaming : ‘Kneel before Zod, dick face!’ It was pretty intense.”

Brady was arrested by the police a few minutes later and charged with assault, disturbing the peace, and public urination for peeing all over the pool tables beforehand.

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