Can’t get enough of “The View?” Well, you’re not alone.  The juggernaut daytime talker is dominating in the ratings for ABC, so the network has taken the next logical step: a spinoff.

Brought to you by View producers Joe Barron and Sandra Batt, the brand-spanking new program “Viewpoints” premieres on June fifteenth in the slot just after it’s older sister.

“Viewpoints” will also be a daytime-oriented talker, but with more focus on news events, culturally significant happenings, and pure fun, hosted by news powerhouse Rachel Maddow and anchored by comedy legend Kathy Griffin.  Rounding out the preliminary cast for the first week are luminaries like Alyssa Milano, Jane Fonda, and former head of state Michelle Obama.

“This new show is a dream come true for people who wanted more after the View ends every day,” says executive producer Whoopi Goldberg.  “It’s going to have new and different segments, different opinions, and great new hosts.  It’s really going to cause a ruckus.”

The show will have a two-hour spot every day to launch itself onto the airwaves, and is expected to be a veritable cash cow for the network, who threw a huge extravagant party this weekend to celebrate the announcement.

“Rachel Maddow herself is very big news for us, and we’re just lucky to have gotten her,” says showrunner Emma Ballbuster.  “And with Kathy and Mrs. Obama and the others, it’s definitely going to be full of surprises!”

Fan of both shows and infamous billionaire George Soros even recorded a message of encouragement for the new soon-to-be daytime stars.

“You are leading the front to liberalize America and continue the reign of socialism, Marxism, and pure evil that we’re now enjoying.  Ewige Blumekraft and good luck.”


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