Good news for anyone who’s still a fan of ABC’S morning talk fest “The View”. It’s being released today in sets of DVD’S so that anyone can watch whenever they want.

All 26 seasons are apparently being immortalized in exclusive 3-season sets, each boasting 6 DVD’s containing behind-the-scenes looks, commentaries by Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, and exclusive blooper reels, certain to tickle your funny bone.

Can we stop the show for a second? I just blew a fart that smells like roasted cauliflower.

Each DVD set retails for $49.99, and will be made available this morning in all Walmart, Target, and Sam Goody stores.  Amazon is also running a sale price, where you can buy 3 sets for $100 and receive a copy of Goldberg’s 2005 extravaganza “Racing Stripes” for free.

Sandy Batt of ABC’S Profiteering Division said the releases have been a long time in coming.

“It’s a super entertaining and popular show, and I don’t know why we haven’t done it on DVD until today.  There are 26 seasons full of love and talk and interesting recipes.  Who can forget that time in season eight when they all boiled eggs that looked like Dick Cheney?  Well, you can’t, now!”

Each set of eighteen discs comes packed in recycled tuna can aluminum, emblazoned with the faces of the guests that appear for those seasons.  So far, nineteen of them feature Kathy Griffin.

All of the DVD’s are also biodegradable and have a bonus feature where conservative morons can fold the box into a functioning CPap machine.


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