Barack Obama and his family are known to have ripped off the American people in order to enrich themselves while they were in office. They walked into the White House paupers and walked out multimillionaires. That doesn’t happen on a civil servant’s salary.

It now looks like thievery is habitual for this corrupt gaggle. They weren’t satisfied with the $248 million net worth that they had pilfered from the American taxpayer. No, they still wanted more, and they used their charity to get it.

The Internal Revenue Service has revealed that they have had the Obama Foundation, which is intended to be for charitable works, under criminal investigation for the past three years. The fraud was suspected in connection with the charity based on the tips of a whistleblower in the foundation.

Agent Joe Barron led the IRS investigation and provided some details:

“We were tipped off a few years ago by a night janitor in the Obama Foundation offices who informed us that something ‘was fishy’. A great amount of detail was not provided, but he insisted that something ‘stank’ in the building and that the Obamas were to blame, that ‘they had sinned’.

While this information was obviously vague, we decided to look into it. We nosed around cautiously at first, but it wasn’t long before we too detected that something was rotten in the foundation.

Soon we were able to find where the stench of lawlessness arose from in the Obama foundation. We simply followed our noses and we were led to the scene of the crime.

The unwritten law in virtually every workplace across the country forbids the heating of fish in the lunchroom microwave, yet that is exactly what Michelle Obama has been doing for months. The awful odor that resulted has lingered in the air continuously for several years since she began these crimes against nature. She has admitted fault, but shrugged it off with a laugh, saying, ‘What’s anyone going to do? I’m in charge here’.

Though not a legal matter per se, this investigation did reaffirm the Obama attitude towards rules of civility. They just don’t care.”

The Obamas always show that they do not care about anyone around them. It’s obvious in everything that they do and say. They are only in it for themselves. Everyone else is nothing more than a toy to them.

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  1. Fish from the microwave

    Hey. I am the fish that’s put in the microwave. I actually like being there. Sure, it may smell bad, but so what?

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