Drag Queens are an interesting and entertaining distraction from the burden of life’s meager quests and discoveries.  Their drag shows are light hearted, adorably wry of wit and corny, and yet, entrance the human spirit in ways that other physical comedy efforts cannot.

All of that is over now in Texas, thanks to Governor Greg Abbott.

Thanks to Bill 5284-GY, also known as the “Homophobia Kills It” law, any depictions of men wearing women’s clothing, whether physical and on-stage like in a drag show, or onscreen, as a television program or movie, are banned completely within the confines of the state.

Abbott claims his ministrations are occurring to protect “children” from toxic sexual misconduct and confusion.  But professional drag queen Jose “Joe Barron” Canusee has a different idea.

“Drag Queens aren’t sexual.  I don’t know where all this is coming from.  They’ve been around for centuries, performing Shakespeare, dancing for Kings.  Abbott is all about fear.  Fear of anything different than him.  And that’s disgusting.”

Mommy, LOOK! I’m in Matt Goetz’s basement!

Another drag afficianado, Senator Lindsey Graham is also upset, calling Abbott’s actions: “Unbelievably short sighted and horrifying.”

It seems as though Republicans are either taking up the mantle of the Q “Children are always in danger from everything and everyone!” 4-chan conspiracy theory, or de-evolving back into Carrie’s mom status.  Either way, they’re doomed to failure.


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