Taylor Swift destroyed her career recently by coming out to back the Democrat party of losers. Nobody could understand why. Her post on Instagram looked like a leftist cult member wrote it. Freedom of choice and the gays are all well and good, but they don’t belong in your job.

Today, the truth has come out. A photographer snapped 14 pictures of Taylor Swift and Colin Kaepernick last night at Klub Karl in downtown San Fransisco. The club is a known socialist hangout.

The photographer was spotted and searched and his camera was destroyed but he was able to get a headshot of Swift with his phone, proving she was at the infamous club. The wall behind her is unmistakable.

Swift and Kaepernick arrived and left at different times, but people inside the club have confirmed that they acted like a couple. Security officers at the building across from Swift’s hotel said that Swift and Colin Kaepernick arrived together and he never left.

Swift will now have to answer to the American people for treason. All of those people who registered to vote because she made some emotional plea on behalf of fake victims and “democracy” should be ashamed of themselves. Our country is finally on the right path.

All the producers and directors need to fire Taylor Swift from everything. Fines, prison and cease all her assets. It’s the only way these people learn is to take away their living.

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  1. Hello. I am Joe Biden. We actually did send Taylor Swift to prison, but she escaped by managing to convince all of the cops to date her, and then she was allowed to leave, and then she made 2 (not just 1) song about the experience. (It’s called jailbreak BTW)

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