A secret correspondence to the disgraced speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi from Adam Schiff reveals, plans to erect a statue of Barack Hussein Obama, at Martha’s Vineyard after January 20, 2021, it was revealed.

The move was in relation to the Obummers love for the place where many of our historic Presidents ‘hung out’ when times got tough or they just wanted to drink copiously out of the view of the prying paparazzi.

Obama’s ulterior motives were, to hold Islamic seances and black masses as (WE ALL know) on the grounds of Martha’s Vineyard.

Obammy wants his erection on the front lawn of the idyllic beauty spot to taunt us, patriots, with unAmerican statues of himself. This was an affront to our beloved President Donald J Trump’s idea about having his erection on MT Rushmore.

Which is just like the egotist oboomer to have his erection on hallowed ground first. Rather than President Trump’s humble effigy!

Stormy Daniels put pay to that great American idea of President Trump’s being ‘little strokes.’  

This isn’t all Patriots, this will be funded by tax dollars, from the public sector and that means you’re paying for Obammers erection to be standing high in front of the lodge at Martha’s Vineyard.

I called Joe Barron for some insider hearsay. He told me,

“The liberal Democrats are playing this in a sneaky way, where by they are trying to write it into the stimulus check but, really are just taking it from the social fund, if the republican party don’t read the bil its going to be passed! Its as if they have no morals or something. It’s an affront to are Presidents idea to have his erection on Mt Rushmore.” 

Nancy said at a proposal meeting for Obama’s erection, “it would be a great refreshing change to the spot, rather than have all those grey-haired white Presidents statues and it would bring meaning to the place. Of course, I would love to see Obama’s erection at the Vineyard, rather than Trump’s little idea, at Mt Rushmore.”

This cannot stand with us, this total waste of money, whilst a pandemic rages and, rioters are on the streets who are paid by the same people who, want this monstrosity at the hallowed gardens of Martha’s Vineyard is more than one patriot can handle!

Obamers erection cannot be raised at this historical American landmark. Whilst Pelosi gets her hair set up, America burns with rage and anger, toward the liberal antifa using taxpayer money to celebrate a Kenyan from Hawaii, is not to be tolerated and it has to be stopped. 

Call your congressmen and “women” to let them know you do not want a black man’s erection, high and proud, at Martha’s Vineyard. We are American and we would like to stay that way! SHUT THEM DOWN -K.A.G.


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