Go woke.  Go broke. That’s the name of the game. Target Stores have decided to jump on the Woke Wagon with Pride-themed merchandise, advertisements, and store banners, and American patriotic shoppers are having none of it. They are simply not shopping at Target, and letting the corporate behemoth know about it with their wallets.

Conservative Americans are done having these things shoved down their throats. They’re tired of seeing it. And they’re letting everyone know how they feel about this unAmerican barrage of Trans and Pride being forced on them. These are good, God-fearing Christian conservative Americans.  And they’re just not going to take it anymore. This is America. We are a Christian nation.

These good people are tired of having this shoved down their throats. A former Target shopper, Joe Barron, explained why he’s no longer going to be spending his hard-earned money there. “I’m tired of having this shoved down my throat.  

They think we don’t notice them coming up from behind and ramming this on and in us. It’s just not fair. It’s just not right”, Barron said, his face a hot sticky mess of  Cinnabon cream, or that’s what we think it was.

Most of these people protesting have never even walked into a Target, they’re loyal to Walmart stores which also carry Pride themed merchandise, yet the Neanderthals ignore it because when you’re chasing your 7 kids down the potato chip aisle while on the phone to your uncle daddy brother son, it’s just hard to be mad at anything else when you’ve just seen the nacho cheese Dorito knock offs just went up another dime.

Whatever happens, we do know this. These people simply hate anyone who isn’t exactly like them existing. And they’ll let everyone know about it. Whether it’s pure hatred or it makes them feel funny in their pants, they’ll protest.

God save their safe spaces, and God bless America.


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