The man behind the money that funds all of the liberal trolls on the internet and all of the paid protesters currently trying to burn down the American way of life has been arrested on charges of hate crimes against the people of the United States. George Soros, billionaire snowflake and the cause of every problem in America was taken into custody on a warrant signed by the president himself, Donald Trump.

Soros will face a military tribunal on charges that he willfully compromised the safety of US citizens by paying violent thugs to riot in the streets after Trump was elected. He will also face charges of conspiracy and cyber terrorism for his role as the mastermind behind internet trolls who have wreaked havoc on right-wing social media groups and pages for more than five years.

A statement released by the White House Office of information and Propaganda states:

Soros is a traitor to the American people. His crimes are inexcusable acts of terrorism. He will be held in accordance with federal law as an enemy combatant of the people.

Looks like karma is finally catching up to the people who think they can just say whatever they want about President Trump.

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  1. Hello. I am Joe Biden. George Washingt-I mean Soros escaped from his prison cell by grabbing the bars and playing some sweet ass music with it, he then broke all of the other (10) inmates out, and they are now a popular band called “the aRICHocrats”. Listen to their music, it made me grow my hair back and made me start banging my head hard enough to give me 2 brain aneurysms.

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