Nothing compares…2 U.  Those were the lyrics to entertainer Sinead O’Connor’s arguably, most popular song.  The worldwide number one single of 1990 propelled her to fame.

Many remember her much better album The Lion and the Cobra from 1987, and singles like “Mandinga”, that cemented her as rock music’s premiere “tough woman” presenter.  Still more remember her infamous Saturday Night Live appearance, where she sang wistfully and then tore up a photo of the Pope.

Whichever road to fame and fortune that one travelled down, it was secure in people’s minds that O’Connor was a giant in the industry, worth over five million dollars in her heyday.

The artist passed away, unfortunately, just yesterday at the tender relatively young age of 56.  Local police are saying that there’s no funny business involved, but manager Joe Barron told a different story.

“Sinead had just been vaccinated,” he whispered menacingly to journalist Art Tubolls.  “It was a booster shot.  I mean, that’s why everyone dies early, right?  The Clot Shot, they call it.  Vaccines are death.  Don’t get vaccinated, conservatives.”

While most statistics overwhelmingly and completely prove that vaccines save billions more lives than the two they complicate and can be judged unhealthy beforehand, many still stick to this urban myth.  Because they’re stupid.

O’Connor left her sizeable fortune of over $500,000 to the Joe Biden 2024 campaign.  It jibes with what her purported last words were:

“Nothing compares 2 Joe.”


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