Its starting to look like the *President’s very specifically selected Supreme Court is becoming quite a disappointment.  After ruling against Trump in a host of recent cases, once again, the judges, led by Justice John Roberts, has upheld the main workings of the Affordable Care Act.  Against the wishes of the administation, “Obamacare” remains the law of the land, with special written respect on the judgement for the final wishes of deceased Senator and former Presidential candidate John McCain.

Justice Elena Kagan celebrated the decision by sending the *President a coffee can full of farts through her Amazon Prime account.

Donald Trump has made it no secret that he intends to use much of his time in office attempting to undo the accomplishments of the Obama administration, leading to many experts to refer to the bulbous herpes-sufferer as “The Jelly Bitch”, with “jelly” being popular nomenclature for “jealous”. Health insurance has long been a target of the mentally handicapped shitbag, and even though the country is in the midst of a pandemic that he’s unconcerned with, Trump has decided to choose now as the time to help kill even more citizens.  Sandra Batt of Psychotic Morons magazine laid out why.

“If you haven’t figured out by now that Trump could care less about actual human beings, you’re probably one of his slithering dimwit supporters.  Trump is desperately worried about how he will go down in the history books after following someone successful and competent like Barack Obama, since he is exactly the opposite of that.  He can try whatever he wants, but he’s just doomed to fail every time by a machine that the Founders put together specifically to protect against incompetent gasbags like him.  His legacy will be that of a terrible lesson America had to learn about letting one demented generation have their last idiot spokesman before it thankfully died off.  Okay Boomers.”

George Soros will buy all of your ashes and make them into an all-black nude beach. Enjoy your dicks.

Dissenting in the 8-1 decision, Justice Brett Kavanaugh broke into tears of rage reading aloud his statement against to an empty room, which was a testament to how many people anywhere give a shit what his date-raping ass thinks.


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  1. Hello. I am Joe Biden. Robert Mcain is actually Ronald Mcdonald’s true name. Think about it, look at the first few letters…OMG ILLUMINATI! Oh wait, I’m the president! I’m supposed to like the illuminati! Shame on me! WHOOPS!

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