It had to happen! He is the President that breaks all the rules and he’s just won an award for doing just that! It is my greatest pleasure to tell you all, Trumps latest campaign ad just won the Golden P award for editing and coming in under budget.

Lookout Joe, Trump’s just knocked you off your perch with this great attack vid! The brainchild of this campaign ad was Brad Parscale. Trump’s campaign Guru that lead him to victory in 2016. Who unfortunately got demoted, but still holds his title in the dept as Digital Media Advisor.

It has all the good bits of a film wrapped up in a Trump’s America success story, you’d expect from a President who has the best people on the case. It features Trump being locking in a metaphysical battle with the devil (the democrats) and this own conscience, (himself) wrestling with unjust bi-partisan shenanigans going on behind the scenes.

It also features the First Lady as the Josephine character whilst Trump being the Napoleon figure, “Not tonight Melania, I’m busy with FOX and friends.”

Trump edits his own scripts and that’s how intelligent he can be. 

Trying not to be funny, they got two actors to wrestle amongst children in cages while Trump’s adoring fans chants “build that wall!” as they are both in a big cage, bashing it out together, in a slow-motion a highly erotic charged scene. But, Trump pulls it off in the end and they both lay on the floor dragging themselves to an imaginary finish line, being the election in 2020!

No need to ask who the winner of that will be!  

The campaign attack ad used Two Tribes, just to p_ss off another liberal band called Franky goes the Hollywood fame. Sit down losers you’ve not had a hit in years, let are President use your out of circulation record and shut up about royalties, you un-American librats!

It wasn’t only hailed as the best 5-minute video this year but in years! The accolade the video won was the Golden P (which stands for photography) award for service announcements and children’s TV. The video was met with applause and some boos but, that was to be expected to be that the award was given in the sanctuary state of LA at the Chinese theatre.

Needless to say, those people were physically attacked before they were thrown out!

Scot Baio was there to pick up the award on behalf of the President, who gave a speech befitting of a world-class TV actor who loves his President.

“YO! Scott here to collect this really auspicious award for the President and I for one will handle this phallic symbol of our president with the utmost care when I see him next at the election.

So in the mean time I will have this on my shelf waiting for it to be united with are President to where it rightfully belongs.

HEY! Someone accused me of the same things President Trump was accused of, I’m here as a fellow accused man, these cancel culturists can never deny the truth and the truth is often hurtful! It hurt me for over 10 years and it shouldn’t hurt me as I’m a victim of all this, like..The President, so here’s one for you President, we men need to stick together in this day and age of the far left agenderists!”

Scott Baio has been the target of The liberal far left cancel culturists after they accused him of sexual misconduct on his very successful TV show and hasn’t worked since, as they lied about his relationship with a fellow actor.

He says he is getting better and after the award ceremony felt, he could go out and show his face once more.

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  1. Scott Baio

    They’re true. Also, my golden p must’ve gotten stolen by a dirty liberal! The note says “love u bbm – DT”. I think that mean’s Dat’s Trump’nt!

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