In a recent interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, the veteran journalist asked *President Trump directly about his forthcoming plans for his theoretical second term of office.  The commander in chief gave a long preface before his answer, relating to a studio audience his inexperience and ignorance of politics upon first entering office, and the lessons he’s claimed to have learned since.  Then, to a round of cheers and applause, he raised his hands to the sky and bellowed forth three words that filled the hearts of all Americans with glee :

Borders.  Language.  Culture.

And possibly hamburders. If there’s time.

The words, which the *President seems to have come up with completely by himself are, as some experts are saying, simply moronic buzzwords for racist, racist, and racist , aimed directly at his base of retired and angry-over-nothing shitheads.  Do they, or Trump himself for that matter, actually mean anything?  Joe Barron of Prager University and the Savage Nation explains.

“What the *President is trying to say is that he intends to shift focus from this annoying pandemic and get back to things that really matter.  He’s done all he can with the Covid.  Let’s just leave it be and concentrate on borders – building a big beautiful wall, just like in the cartoons.  Of course, most illegals are dealing with the Kung Flu anyway, so we have time.  Language.  As In, English.  And as you may have noticed, for the Donald, there’s just too much of it.  Too many words.   We’ll get rid of a lot of them.  And culture.  As in white people.  Pretty self-explanatory.  Confederate stuff, cops blasting anyone they please, poor people dying off if they can’t bother to make a few lousy insurance payments.  Isn’t it great? Trump Season 5 is gonna be the BEST YET!”

Although that season didn’t work out too well for Buffy. Spoiler alert : She comes back and sings.

It’s clear that the *President seems to be openly admitting defeat with the virus situation, and is perfectly willing to sacrifice American lives for his election chances.  Even if he does end up being the last President of the United States, Donald Trump at least plans to go out with an army of idiot followers rolling along behind him.


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