The subjects discussed on the popular and not-going-away anytime soon hit morning television series The View are varied and a lot of times, political.  So when Donald J. Trump, the former disgraced President announced another campaign for office, the stage lit up this week.

Host Joy Behar said that Trump had about as much chance of winning as : “Ben Shapiro does of buying paper towels for his sex room.”  Although that seems overly mean, it garnered big laughs from their captive audience.

This just in : Ben Shapiro’s wife is dryer than a saltine on top of a triscuit.

Daytime guest Kathy Griffin commented that Trump had a better chance running for the Weight Watchers emergency center, which, although less full of liberal vitriol, doesn’t sit well with many conservatives who worship at the man’s smelly sausage feet.

But it was space bartender Whoopi Goldberg who got the most press, simply calling the bulbous buffoon : “A real glutton for punishment”, noting that he’ll be brought up on charges soon, and will have to deal with that throughout the campaign.

Campaign supervisor Bandy Satt spoke to the Washington Free Blumpkin about it this morning.

“I don’t think Donald really cares about the trumped up charges about insurrection, incitement, and to some extent, rape.  He’ll do what he always does, which is call them phony, ignore them, and then watch his base full of complete assholes empty their wallets.  It is what it is.  Maga.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland disagrees, and already has federal agents preparing a prison cell with Wi-Fi so he can post on his ridiculous “Truth Social” about being boarded like the 1:15 to Chicago.


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