Restaurant Waiter Fired for Calling Woman ‘Ma’am’


With the country once again leaning to the left, it seems the liberal war on our culture has amped up in the start of 2021.  One facet of that conflict is the constant urging for businesses and individuals alike to use more “gender neutral” language when dealing with others, as a former Howard Johnson’s restaurant employee discovered this last week after he was fired for referring to a female customer using the “feminine-specific” address : “ma’am.”

To be fair, this sort of offense happens daily to former Kajagoogoo vocalist “Limahl.”

According to Howard Johnson’s Director of Insidious Operations Sandy Batt, all employees are required to use non-specific pronouns and forms of polite address when dealing with guests as well as fellow workers, and signed legal documentation to that effect last year.  An attorney representing the now unemployed server told ALLOD that he’s unconvinced of it’s validity.

“My client, Chew Kok Long, is first and foremost, an individual from another country, where they are unfamiliar with some of America’s more ridiculous liberal platitudes.  I believe that when he signed the agreement, known as the ‘Howard Johnson’s Person-a-festo of Treatment for Employees’, that he had little idea of it’s meaning.  In addition to these unconstitutional forced ‘nuetered’ addresses, they’re expected to call sandwiches ‘underprivileged youth’ instead of Poor Boys, and refer to the daily soup as ‘Person-hatten Clam Chowder.’  I intend to show that no harm was intended or perpetrated by Mr. Long.”

In high school gym class, this guy was treated worse than Ted Nugent at an orgy.

Howard Johnson’s management released a statement confirming that they will respond in kind to the lawsuit and have little fear of repercussion since the chain went out of business several years ago and every person in the incident is completely fictional.

Has the “gender neutral” movement gone too far when it can cost someone their job?  How far will it go in the future under a Biden Presidency?  Will the gentle sea cows be rebranded “person-a-tees”, and will we be forced to listen to Christmas concerts performed by “Human-a-heim Steamroller”?  It’s time to pray for guidance, potatriots.