Multimillionaire and billionaire, Oprah Winfrey, has been attempting to lecture America on the subject of white privilege. Her words were quickly met with laughter by the public at large.

After all, this is a woman, self-made, who is worth more than $300 million, and she is trying to claim that she is at a disadvantage to others in America because of her race.

Now, despite the massive amount of mockery she received over her initial statements, she’s at it again. Winfrey took the time to respond to those who were baffled by her claims of hardship.

On her website, she addressed how her wealth relates to the impression she spoke of earlier in the week.

“Yes, I am a wealthy woman. Really, really wealthy, some say, and I started with nothing. This is all true. I’m not denying it.

But let’s look at the size of my riches, shall we? I only have $300 million. That’s it! We’re not talking billions here and I am a smart business woman. Honestly, the size of my fortune should be much, much higher.

There is not a doubt in my mind that if I had privilege, I would be richest woman in America, maybe even the richest person in America, man or woman. My ability to amass greater wealth was stifled by American systemic racism. We all know it’s true.

Look at Donald Trump. He’s a billionaire and he’s a moron. He continually bankrupts his businesses. I’ve never done that. Everything I touch turns to gold. Problem is, the man won’t let me touch much. And that is because I am not privileged.

End result? Because I did not have the easier access of white males in this country, I am forced to live like a pauper. Housed in squalor and feasting on scraps. Like all my people, I have suffered in this country at the hands of the majority. This is America’s shameful reality.

When reparations for slavery are given by the government, I will be the first in line. My success has been hampered and my ability to lift myself from poverty crushed. America owes me.“

We were stunned after her first “lessons” about privilege in this country, but this is a whole other level of craziness that only exists in the fanfictions of conservatives that constantly miss the point. To suggest that she is poor with her vast fortune and many mansions is insulting to all those in America who actually work for a living.


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