Austin, Texas has lots of super-patriotic Trump-supporting Americans who have boats, and they decided to hold a boat rally for our amazing president, Donald J Trump. What they were not counting on was nefarious forces at play to ruin what was supposed be a fun and patriotic event.

The boat rally started without a hitch. And then tragedy struck.

Several boats began to sink. Big and small boats, all carrying the flags of the United States and our president, Donald Trump.

These were beautiful boats, and they sank. And it was a complete and total mystery on why, until social media posts made it abundantly clear, it was planned. Obama’s team made did this, and they bragged about it on social media.

The braggadocio of the liberals who caused chaos at the boat rally was disgusting. But it proves beyond a reasonable doubt that these people will stop at nothing to hurt Trump and his supporters at any cost.

Not only does Obama have protesters on the ground, but he also assembled an aquatic team of liberals to stop MAGA boat rallies too. That’s right. Obama created a liberal deep dive team to stop these patriotic boaters.

Boater suppression, ladies and gentlemen.

Joseph Barron, who lost his boat in the chaos, was near tears. The loss was insurmountable.

His boat, the Trumptanic, was a boat he was putting together for years, was his pride and joy. He loved it more than his children.  It was outfitted with 38 strategically placed Trump 2020 flags.

He was proud of that boat, and the liberals took it from him. It might have been from the 38 flags or the fact the boat was in disrepair, or maybe the name should have clued him in. But it didn’t.

The liberal aquatic Obama snorkel team, undetected by most of the drunk trump supporters went and pulled plugs from every boat they could reach.

As the rally started, boats adorned with MAGA flags started sinking, along with their equally clueless owners who weren’t wearing life jackets, because nobody was going to take their freedoms away.

Several trump supporting boaters lost their boats that day, but they are still undeterred in their love for their leader, Donald Trump.

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  1. lifejackets save lifes!

    And the trump supporters probably don’t have one too!

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