President Trump is the law and order president. He believes in the law and he believes in order. He is dismayed by the state of chaos seen today in the streets of Democrat-run cities across the country.

That dismay is what compelled him to send federal officers to Portland. He wanted nothing more than to bring peace and calm back to that beautiful city.

He’s not stopping there though. President Trump has vowed to send his officers anywhere they are needed in order to bring the rule of law back to these chaotic hotspots.

One would think that local politicians in these troubled states would be grateful for help from Trump to bring an end to the lawlessness they have not been able to control on their own. Yet some do not want that help. They are flat out refusing it.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is one of those who wants nothing to do with effective law-enforcement in his state. He’s so against it that he has made a statement that might be seen by some as an ultimatum directed at President Trump himself.

Newsom let it be known that the State of California would see the entry of federal police officers as an act of aggression from the Trump government. Essentially, it would be viewed as an act of war, one that, according to Newsom, the state is prepared to fight back against.

Newsom held nothing back as he issued his threats:

“California will not allow an uninvited federal force to occupy our state. Make no mistake, if Trump sends his goon squad into the Golden State, we will see the action as a declaration of war against our good citizens. We will view his unlawful troops as enemy combatants and we will treat them as such.

‘We will defend our state, whatever the cost may be, we will fight on our beautiful beaches, we will fight in the awesome theme parks, we will fight in the movie studios and in the streets, we will fight in the Hollywood Hills; we will never surrender.’

One of our own, Gary Oldman, said that in some movie. Yes, it is just some lines from a piece of fiction and I used some poetic license, but it could apply to any war at any time in any place. It is a great quote that would be inspiring from any real leader in times of aggression. I hope it was inspiring from me.

And it’s all true. We have a lot of high-tech stuff here and we are not afraid to use it.

President Trump, you have been warned.”

Newsom’s words could be seen as an act of sedition or treason or something. It is he who has declared war on the United States government. This will not end well for the leftist governor and history will not look kindly upon him.

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  1. Hello. I am Joe Biden. I managed to stop Trump’s Marti-I mean Federal Officer tomfoolery with my Biden Blast, which shockingly sent someone to mexico, where they became an extremely popular…pirated DVD seller. Pirated DVDs are truly the new cocaine, eh?

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