NASCAR brass has decided to play the Black National Anthem, “Lift E’vry Voice And Sing” before every race, replacing the traditional national anthem. It is another nod to Bubba Wallace and NASCAR’s new fan base. The song is the traditional black national anthem written in 1900. The NFL will also play the song, but NASCAR is totally replacing the traditional national anthem with it.

This is viewed as a win for Black Lives Matter and other left-leaning Americans as they see the original anthem as racist and noninclusive.  This song celebrates black America and signals a new dawn in stock car racing, which has always been viewed as traditionally white, southern and conservative. The song will be sung by R & B powerhouse at the Next Cup race.

Joseph Barron, part of the NASCAR family, will also be making digital copies available to fans who attend the races, so they will be able to learn the words and sing along with the rest of the crowd.

“This is a very exciting time for NASCAR and it’s fans as we enter a new territory, a new phase, and a new beginning!!” 

While the song plays, the confederate flag will be lit on fire, part of the sport’s new emphasis on Black Lives Matter and inclusiveness.

Another exciting part of the race’s opening ceremonies will be readings from George Washington Carver, who invented the computer, and from a peanut!!! 

He’s a major influence on American life and a prominent black scientist and inventor, and a computerized recreation of his voice will boom through the crowds, “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!!”

NASCAR officials believe this will propel the sport into the homes and hearts of millions of Americans of all colors and religions, building their fan base to epic proportions and making 2020 the best year for NASCAR. 

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