NASCAR has issued a mandate to all who enter its tracks and other NASCAR buildings that face coverings are mandatory. This will be enforced at every race for the rest of the 2020 season. This is another slap in the face to diehard fans who think that masks are trampling on their freedoms.

The new mandate comes after NASCAR banned the confederate flags, then nooses, at their racetracks. They are falling in step with several retailers and other establishments requiring face coverings to enter. NASCAR fans believe that it should be their choice to wear masks or not, and they’re fed up with NASCAR’s constant rules that challenge their rights.

Joe Barron, a long time NASCAR fan is beside himself in anger. First, it’s the confederate flag, now it’s being forced to wear a mask.

“How dare they!!! Everything that makes us America they don’t want!” he cried, incredulous at the words coming out of his own mouth.  “It’s the American way to be a piece of racist trash and it’s the American way to be able to infect someone with a virus that could kill them!!! It’s just not fair” he said downing another cheap beer and holding his sister-wife tight to him.

NASCAR fans have had to endure a lot in the last few weeks. Having to accept a black driver, then asked not to wave their racist flag and now this. Being decent human beings isn’t something NASCAR fans have ever had to do before.

What’s next? Expecting them to shower? Not scream profanity and racial epithets in front of children? Treat women with respect???

This is America!!! NASCAR is on a slippery slope to being accepted by the entire nation, and that’s almost like communism to people who don’t understand the meaning of that word.

Face coverings in NASCAR are almost unheard of, unless you’re the pit crew, the drivers, and anyone else in close proximity to the stock cars that blow exhaust and fumes everywhere, not to mention bits of tires that fall apart as the cars zip across the track.

And besides, these people are only in danger of getting sick, maybe dying. NASCAR fans being forced into common sense and common decency is just too much, too soon. Some of these people are just learning to not beat each other in the stands for crying out loud.

What happened to America??

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  1. Hello. I am Joe Biden. I decided to give the cars masks too, because the cars can spread COVID too.

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