President Donald Trump has long promised to drain the swamp. The President has done lots of draining, especially recently, through his pardon of his friend, Roger Stone, and the firing of his political opponents and replacing them with tremendous sycophants.

He is continuing that promise this week, as he signed a law that will remove lifetime benefits for Congress.

White House spokesman, Joe Barron, gave this statement at a press conference yesterday:

“This is a great moment in American history. Taxpayers have long spent billions of dollars on these people, that in many cases have only served for 2 years. Hard-working Americans don’t get those kind of benefits, so why should our public servants?

Now, with all of the extra money that will be in the federal budget, Trump will be using it to increase funding to red states, pay the legal fees of his many staffers under investigation, and make some improvements to Mar-a-Lago. This will be money well spent, as it will put that money back in to the economy and somehow create jobs.”

Democrats are already condemning the law, saying it will ruin their lives since they just entered into this career for the money and benefits.

Incredulously, only Democrats are evil and greedy. Every last patriotic Republican is fighting for the American people and they care about the well-being of even the poorest of society.

Democrats will never change. They are all perverts and evil. Republicans are the party of the Lord and do his bidding. It is truly amazing how all Republicans are good people, while all Democrats are evil Satanists.

It’s a statistical impossibility, but we believe it anyway. Mysterious ways, people. Mysterious ways.


  1. barbiepetty57

    How can you call “all Democrats” perverts and evil? I’m thankful for the house-cleaning that is happening, but you cannot lump everyone together under a political party and say every person is a pervert and evil. You may as well assign that to any particular group in society. It is not truth that every single one of a particular entity can all be perverts and evil. God doesn’t see people that way, and neither should we. I have family members who are kind, loving, caring, and Democrats. For the record, I never affiliate with one political system; I consider the person I choose to vote for, not their party. I consider what their platform is and the reality of it is, we all should do that and never vote a “straight ticket” unless the persons on the ticket are definitely someone I would want to vote for. Support the good that is happening but do not call them all as evil, greedy, that they will never change, are perverts and evil. That is ONLY for God to decide, and we cannot see or know everything about the inner workings of another person. To do so is more finger-pointing and labeling. Let God do the work He is doing, and *carefully* weigh out each person as you know them. My work is that of a counselor, as well as a Christian who seeks to help others come to know Him. If I were to label every single person the way you have just labeled “Democrats”, I would be quite the opposite of what God intended me to be. Let’s pray instead for all people, for the right hearts and consciences to turn to the Father. He IS the only One Who will help them. We are messengers of His Love. Do not call people names just because there are many who are corrupt. This is not ever helpful.

    • jddre

      When 100% of the Dems vote in lock-step with each other, even on some bills I KNOW some of them want to vote ‘no’ on, that’s a problem, that’s ‘evil’.

      • Robert Kriegar

        And the very same thing can be said of the majority of republicon representatives who have zero integrity, and choose party over nation.

      • sherlockboneman

        You goddamn right wing sheep. It’s satire. You know you’re dumb right?

    • Robert Kriegar

      “HOMESILLY TATER SATIRETrump Signs Law Removing Lifetime Benefits from Congress”

      It’s satire. Because that IS what so many republicons are saying about literally anyone-republican or democrat, who disagrees with them.

  2. barbiepetty57

    p.s. – When I mentioned I have family members who are kind, loving, caring, and Democrats, I meant to mention that one of them is a Democratic Representative. He is a kind and caring man who has helped many people, as well as God-fearing.

    • jddre

      That’s nice, is he capable of voting AGAINST party lines? Didn’t think so.

      • Robert Kriegar

        Are YOUR cult leaders capable of voting against party lines? And will your rabid sheep that follow them not bite?

        Didn’t think so. You’re fake. And you are precisely why I do not play party politics.

  3. Nancy Fastenau

    What a sarcastic, slanted view of this article. Goodness!! Also an outright lie… where is fact check when you need it on the page to block fake news. The President does not use money for anything personal. He doesn’t take a dime from the taxpayers, his income as President goes right back in the the Reserve. Don’t believe me.. RESEARCH!! The man does not steal from the people to make his hotels better. What do you have in your closets “Harry Helmet” that you have to lie about our Great President!! If you would allow our Great President Donald Trump alone, you would see great things for America, a thriving economy, unity, peace. But noooo.. you need power and you need to stifle the truth to get people to read your crap!!!!!!!!!! Not again. I will not utilize this world press again. Im out!! The silent majority will be silent no more come November …

    • Robert Kriegar

      You’re a liar. Accusing a satirical article of lying. SATIRICAL.

      The “president*” DOES use money for personal gain. He DOES take MILLIONS of DOLLARS from the taxpayers. His income does NOT go “right back into the reserve”, and it IS a direct tax write-off. RESEARCH, fool. He DOES steal from the people to make his “hotels” better. YOUR Harry Helmet has clearly left you deluded and blind, lying to coover for your orange cult leader. “Great President”. Give the majority a break. Credit them with the sese and intellect that you clearly do not possess. He is DEMONSTRABLY th ewrst “president” in United States history! You two-faced lying hypocrite-after ALL that you liars said and did to an American President who was ACTUALLY voted into office, not once, but twice, you have some kind of BRASS to be on here chirping your propagandistic balderdash. How much are you paid to embarrass yourself this way? Hatred, division, poison, that is all your cult leader,and your kind, are all about. Untiy? Under fascism? That’s the only kind of “unity” that you and your kind seek. You’re an abject liar, and it truly pisses you off that no person with more than two functioning brain cells will take th etime to read your crap, let alone BELIEVE it. WE are th esilent majority, you dolt. You abrasive lying loudmouthed hypocrites are the MINORITY.

      • sherlockboneman

        Well said man. These people are goddamn morons.

  4. Hal Lemoyne

    ❤??CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021 Elected/Reelected Landslides
    Amen & Amen??❤

  5. Hello. I am Joe Biden. Dear god, do the people in the comments know how to click on links? sherlock is probably buff IRL Though. The rest of the people who believe this article are super-tots who could probably only save the day on an forklift.

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