The first night of the Democrat Convention was nothing more than leftist losers attempting to roast our President. They talked nothing of substantive policy, instead, they chose to take constant cheap shots at our President.

This is nothing new for Democrats, as they are used to filling their convention speech slots with losers such as the entitled windbags that threatened protesters with guns or the punk kid that mock elder Native Americans. Their convention is always a circus.

As usual, Michelle Obama kept the circus them going with her speech. She called our great President a “loser that is in over his head” and many other nasty things.

Not only is this disrespectful, but it is treason. The following is an excerpt of Obama’s speech:

“Donald Trump is the worst President in the history of Presidents. Not only is he a conman, but he is also a pervert. This is as clear as day if you look at what he says and how he acts. What kind of sick freak grabs their daughter’s ass and says they’d be dating if she wasn’t her daughter? That person is Donald trump. He’s too creepy to be President and needs to be voted out this November.

We need someone that isn’t in it for themselves as Donald Trump is. he’s made millions by screwing over the American taxpayer. He’s violated the emoluments clause, the Hatch Act, and even made deals with foreign powers behind closed doors. Does this sound like a public servant? I don’t think so. We need someone to stand up for the American people. We need Joe Biden.”

These are certainly words and they are nasty words. We shouldn’t have people in this country speaking badly of the President.

That is literally the definition of treason and anyone that does this should be locked up forever.

Speaking badly of the President is worse than collusion with Russia. Republicans need to stand up to these Democrat thugs and hold them accountable for their treasonous ways.


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