Al Gore, the former Vice President who invented the internet and crusades for a cleaner environment has recently experienced a case of real bad “heat stroke.”

The wind and sun-powered Mother Theresa owns a seventy-five million dollar “solar home” in Queefblastery, California, where temperatures often climb above the 90’s and residents claim to fry their breakfast eggs outside on garbage can lids in the mornings.

Well those refuse omelets were severely well-done this Wednesday when Gore’s entire house, panels and all, apparently “melted down” in a bizarre and, what experts are saying, rare series of events.

“What happened is that the solar panels, which are designed to absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity did their jobs a little too well,” says lead investigator Joe Barron.  “Some freak solar flares happened at around eleven in the morning and toasted the place, right down to the ground.”

Gore’s residence wasn’t insured against melting, which rules out any hanky-panky on that front.  Melting insurance is expensive in the California heat, and can often cost more than fifty-six cents per month.

Gore remains unfazed by his liquid residence, and plans to donate the entire remains to a recycling charity that produces motors for Kia.

“Even when something terrible happens,” he stated confidently from his temporary home in friend Whoopi Goldberg’s storage crate, “We can still help to save Mother Earth.”

What a guy.


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