It can be very difficult for a person who is the son or daughter of a famous celebrity.  Look at Prince Jackson, or Janet Pelosi, just two warning signs to the famous that their progeny may not be among the most stable of us.

The same now goes for Joe Barron Maddow, the eighteen-year old son of liberal talk show host Rachel, who makes her business using her massive famed intellect and adherence to reason to make conservatives and their politics look like great big cereal bowls of shit nightly on her MSNBC show.

I love the Special K. Because I’m Special and also Kockbrained.

Maddow’s son hasn’t exactly been a straight-A student, to say the least.  There’s the incident of drunk driving he went through at the tender age of 8, the bar fight and lawsuit pending from when he was 12, and now the drug and alcohol rehab he’s, again, undergoing.

Rehab has been the common way of life for the kid since he got caught with bloogies back in Luis Colon Elementary school in 2012, and he’s currently back again, for the eighth time today.

The young Maddow was busted again in the bathroom at a local Wendy’s with a huge pile of cocaine and a “Boom Tube”, slang for a ten-foot long drug hose.  Joe was also charged with injecting marijuana into his toes.

All of the drug paraphernalia was confiscated by the police and donated to the current assembly of CPAC, where it will hopefully be used to overdose a guest speaker.

Maddow herself was mum on the incident.


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