Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, has had a long and storied career.  Recently, however, by appearing on the January 6th insurrection specials and judging by her comments complaining wistfully that the Republican party is all but destroyed, she’s had a change of heart.

As of this morning, Miss Cheney will be caucusing with the Democrats as their new representititve from the great state of Wyoming.  Cheney took the oath around eleven a.m. today.

“You did very well at the bake sale, Liz. Now it’s time for the tongue-shortening.”

Stepping into the Democrats specially constructed Choke Chamber, escorted by Master of Wokeism Joe Barron, the young lawmaker was first subjected to a simulated 10-gravity swish, and then waved through the Blumpkin Conga Line, like all other applicants have done before her.

Finally came the Satanic induction service where her soul was pledged to Joe Biden and the lake of eternity.  Cheney’s complexion during this event turned the sweetest deep blue of Democracy.

Now that the television star is confidently in the right ballpark, she intends to go against her family tradition of backing big business and pro-forced birth advocates to lead her own path of righteousness and the actual wishes of God.

“I took an oath to the United States, not to a political party or to a half-retarded egomaniac babboon,” she said, sampling a dish of Nancy Pelosi’s ice cream.  “I started off wrong, but I intend to correct that mistake.”

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