Liberals Use ‘The Epoch Times’ To Fool Patriots

The truth is right there in front of you

Liberals have been running a scam on patriotic Americans for years and it’s finally been uncovered. The Epoch Times, what was thought to be a conservative patriotic news source, has been discovered to be a misinformation source used by liberals to fool unsuspecting patriots.

The Epoch Times is a Chinese run website run by a Chinese religious cult, the Falun Gong. Liberals have been pushing this on patriotic Americans for too long.

The Epoch Times started as a broadsheet site in 2000 to promote communistic ideas all across China. As the site grew, the owners, the religious cult Falun Gong realized there was more money into getting into political reporting all across Europe and America, knowing they could possibly change the face of politics there, and promoting their world view to nations outside of China.

As more of the western world paid attention, the cult switched gears, creating fake news for staunch conservatives to share, pumping more and more American dollars into their religious organization.

The Epoch Times gets funding from odd sources for being a conservative news source. Backers include George Soros, the Clinton Foundation, and, yes, the Biden family. There seems to be a conflict of interest here. 

Why would far-left liberals be interested in a conservative news site?

Besides being a part of the CCP, it’s a misinformation source to make conservatives look stupid. It’s truly unbelievable how far the left has gone to scuttle any actual information of their wrongdoings.

Biden’s ties to China and the CCP run deep, and finally, the proof is coming to light. A Chinese religious cult run news site targeting specifically conservative Christian Americans to spread disinformation to make them look foolish and keep them ill-informed.

This is how far Biden and the leftist liberals have gone. We can’t even trust our own news sources because they’ve been tainted by the CCP and liberals.

Reporters like Joseph Barron and Sandra Batt have been on the Epoch Times case for years now, gathering evidence and finding the cast of dark shadowy characters behind the “news organization”.

How did the Epoch times get away with it for so long? When you target the most gullible, stupid, and ignorant bastards in America, it wasn’t hard. Throw a few words together that confirm their bias, make it sound scary, and voila!

You’ve got yourself a nonsensical, completely batshit crazy news source that is geared towards the trailer park crowd that scream, “DO YOUR RESEARCH”, and so few of these potatoriotic nitwits do just that.