The time has finally come for liberal talking head Don Lemon.  The big news this weekend was his abrupt cancellation and dismissal from the heart of the Cable News Network, CNN.

That was the big news, except for the firing of nearly all of Fox News’s lying contingent of so-called “broadcasters”, including Tucker Carlson, who was shocked, but not a whole lot so, since he’s been fired from every major cable news network already.

At any rate, Lemon’s departure came as a surprise following allegations of misogynistic remarks he made that didn’t sit well with many insiders.  Upon the end of what would become his final show, Lemon was told of the dissolution of his partnership.

Hearing the news sent Lemon over the edge, and he completely lost it.

“This is a load of bullshit.  What, the granny network got rid of their head criminal, so somehow, that means I have to go?  Uh uh.  No way, man.”

At that point, Lemon grabbed camera operator Joe Barron and held a small pistol to his head, threatening to “blast this asshole” if his firing went through.  Luckily, during the standoff, police were alerted and quickly surrounded the studio.

Lemon and the staff then endured an hour-and-a-half standoff before cunning officers tased and then disabled the now former pundit, and escorted him from the premises.



    • Joe Biden

      Yup. I once saw Mr. Barron order 500 yellow monkeys. They then went into trumps legal room and then all took a massive steamy dump on him. LOL.

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