While we all remember the talk of Kamala Harris’ college days and her bragging about smoking pot and listening to Tupac and Snoop Dogg during her failed Presidential run in the Democratic Primaries, little did the public know that she hasn’t lost the habit, 30 years later, making her as the pick to be VP problematic.

Last year, after the interview on live radio in New York where Harris made her claims, it appears Snoop Dogg reached out to Harris to “hang out.” While transparency over her schedule wasn’t readily available, certain meetings, with a subject code-named “Cocker Spaniel.” for “4:20 time” have recently been exposed thanks to the efforts of whistle-blower Sandy Batt who had been a trusted staffer before finding out her boss was a drug addict.

The confusion over the code names was broken when the slang “4:20” was investigated. It was surprising being that it was never actually 4:20 when the meetings occurred, nor were they on April 20, and so investigators went to urban dictionary. When discovering that it was a reference to marijuana, it was natural to attach Snoop Dog to the incident, code name “Cocker Spaniel.”

We should thank the conscientious staff member who brought additional information forward. When the leak surfaced, Harris was overheard complaining to confidants:

“So a person wants to smoke a little weed and run the country, so what?? Who knows what kinds of benzos the President is on! I see no problem sitting down with two incredible artists and chilling out for a bit with the magical herb.”

When asked about the “two” she was talking about, she seemed to need to highlight her coed crushes by naming Tupac and Snoop. It was with embarrassment that one of the staffers in the conversation had to remind his boss that Tupac was sadly murdered in the 1990s. Kamala Harris, as usual, lacked all tact and common sense — must be the wacky tabacky!!

“Well, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Me and Snoop sit down, pass it around, and BAMMO, there’s Tupac! He certainly seemed alive to me an’ Snoop!!”

Wow! That must be some stuff Kamala!!


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