Goodyear has shown itself to be a socialist-communist corporation in the past few weeks. The company hates our President, capitalism, freedom, and the American way of life. That is why they are sending American jobs to China.

Goodyear spokesman, Joe Barron, issued the following statement to the press about the company’s decision:

“For many years, Goodyear has thought long and hard about the best way to penetrate the rubber market. We’ve sold so much rubber this year, and we aren’t going to let this corrupt President plunder our booty.

That’s why Goodyear has decided on moving 250,000 jobs to China, where we will save money on labor and material costs. The tires will be worse, and many Americans will lose their jobs, but all that matters is getting back at Trump. He’s just bad for business.”

This action by Goodyear confirms what we have long suspected – that they are communists that hate America. This company deserves to be canceled.

Since Republicans invented “cancel culture”, we are the best at it. Just look at this list of our most successful boycotts:
• Target
• Starbucks
• Nordstrom
• Macy’s
• Beyoncé
• Kellogs
• Amazon
• Keurig
• Nike

And these are just some of our boycotts! They’ve all been hugely successful, and most of these companies are out of business as a result.

It’s time we hit the liberals where it hurts – in their wallets. Destroying American companies out of spite is a Republican pastime.

So let’s do what we do best. We will wreck the economy and cause many Americans to lose their jobs. Then we will blame the left for the job losses. It’s a surefire way to own the libs.

Of course, none of this will actually happen since all of. Our boycotts have been miserable failures. But if they were successful, we wouldn’t care about the damage we caused and the Americans we caused to be unemployed. We only care about owning the libs.


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