Budweiser has been taking a lot of hits in the past week.  Their introduction of new spokesperson Dylan Mulvaney has certainly shaken up the beer market, in a bad way that’s led to losses of nearly 800 million dollars in just one day.

But going “woke” seems to be on the agenda for the massive brewer, and it has seemingly doubled down on that promise by releasing a new commercial this morning, promoting it’s newest idea: “Rainbow Light.”

The advertisement, which has already began rotation on networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and Newsmax television lasts for 30 seconds, and shows various apparently gay individuals enjoying Bud Light at various venues.  A man with a hair bun and glasses kisses another man with a dress, swishing the beer in their mouths.  A woman having a sip at an abortion clinic with her “soulmate”, a drag queen.

Director of advertising for the company, Joe Barron, made a short statement explaining the company’s logic.

“Look, if you’re gonna go in, you have to go all in.  Budweiser doesn’t discriminate, period.  That’s the point.  Hell, we’re getting those frogs ready again.  They’ll be super gay.  Gay frogs.  It’s Alex Jones’ nightmare.”

Budweiser says it will continue to develop and promote the transgender and LGBTQ campaign for much of the coming future.  You just can’t get away from woke, potatoes.  BOOM.


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    What? No link to it on Rumble? 🙁

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