Can you even bear to wait much longer for the big day?  The Superbowl is finally coming again, where we’ll all get to see the Kansas City Chiefs duke it out against the Philadelphia Eagles in what some have called, “The Biggest Ball of All Time.”

The halftime show is also going to be a big draw, with headliner Rihanna performing so soon after her childbirth, and backed up by members of Motley Crue, Wang Chung, and platinum recording artist Kajagoogoo.  Not so much with the “too shy” there!

However, a late addition has sprung up to entertain the younger and more vibrant members of the audience, a group of so-called “gangsta rappers”.  The eclectic collection has already warned the crowd about explicit language and activities.

Sandra Batt, a senior citizen with the group Racist Seniors Against Talk-Singing says the rappers undermine the classiness of the Superbowl.

“I’m not sure they’re even allowed to drive into the parking lot.  I will need security to check all of their licences and registrations first.  We’ll need pat downs and searches and all sorts of things.  It’s madness.  We can’t allow our children to watch black people yelling.  It’s not right.”

Batt added “Trump 2050!” to her rant on the way out.

The Superbowl itself is also scheduled to contain a host of black people in it, and security has been tripled, just in case of a mass shooting, which are overwhelmingly committed by white conservatives.


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